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Terms & Conditions | 條規

Every place has its own rules, that is to make sure both parties are clear and happy to follow, and so do us. Hence, please read and understand carefully below terms and conditions prior your booking payment.

每個地點都有自己的條件与規則以確保雙方都明白以及遵守, 我們也不列外。因此, 在您預訂付款之前請好好詳細閱讀并瞭解以下的條規


[Check In]

Check-in time    : Strictly After 1500 hrs
Check-out time : Strictly By 1200 Hrs.

We do not have 24 hour front desk service, kindly inform us the estimated time of arrival/leaving so that we can ease the check-in/check out procedure.

Shower Room with heater
WI-Fi is available in all common areas
Tea & Coffee making facilities


[We Do Not Allow]

Smoking is prohibited within our premises, 2 nights charges will be applied if we found the sign of this action
Barbecue (BBQ)




Rates quoted: Ringgit Malaysia (RM).


All rates are for a maximum occupancy of 2 pax only ( Street view room & Sea view room), 8 pax ( Dorm bed)



All rooms are located at upstairs ( 1st Floor).

Dorm ( Max 8 pax)

Street View Room (Max 2 pax)

Sea View Room (Max 2 pax)


We do not have wheelchair nor baby cot.

Elderly or disable person might not be convenient to stay.

Street View Room and Sea View room


Street View Room is not ensuite i.e not attached to toilet. Shared toilets are at downstairs

Sea View Room is ensuite i.e attached with its own toilet.

Children ages 0-5 years can stay for free, providing to share the same bed with the parent,
Any children ages 6 years & above will have to charge as full rate. We love our bed and want to prolong it's life.

Only 1 child is allowed for free of charge per room. If there is more than 1 child, additional bed / charges will be applied.


Dorm Room

The room is not ensuite i.e not attached to toilet. Shared toilets are at downstairs

Charge per 8 pax rate i.e whole dorm room, whether it is 2 pax or 6 pax we also charge for 8 pax rate.


The number of people staying is strictly as per booking(s). We DO NOT ALLOW additional number of people as per booking(s).


100% Prepayment for full duration of stay is required at time of booking. Once we received your advance full payment, the booking will be confirmed and locked as per reservation details. All payment made are not refundable.

Cancellation: No Refund.

No-Shows: No refund.


進房時間    : 嚴格下午3點后
退房時間    : 嚴格中午12點之前.

我們沒有24小時櫃檯服務, 因此請提早通知您的在進/退房時間, 以方便我們安排讓您擁有順暢的進/退房手續。




室內不可以吸煙, 一旦發現將會收取2晚的住宿費用 (我們要大費周章的把整個房間徹底清理,還要苦思如何去味)
攜帶寵物 ( 對於敏感者是不公平的)
燒烤 (BBQ) ( 民宿大部份都是木質,不想火患摧毀)
烹煮 (清理油膩廚房跟油煙味是很痛苦的)

卡拉OK ( 拜託, 我們需體諒隔壁的鄰居)

麻將 ( 讓隔壁鄰居失眠不是我們的目標)


價格交易以馬來西亞零吉為主: Ringgit Malaysia (RM).


( 路景房,海景房)以2人計算

( 上下臥鋪8人房)  以8人計算




上下臥鋪房 (8人房)

路景房( 2 人房)

海景房( 2 人房)



路景房 & 海景房

路景房內沒有廁所, 共用廁所在樓下



0-5嵗的小朋友: 跟房內成人同床的話, 價格是免費

6嵗或以上: 以成人價格計算。


我們很愛護我們的床褥,我們希望我們的床褥天長地久, 因此不容許超出以上的人數同床。


每個房類只容許1位5嵗以下的小朋友免費同床, 如果超出1位需另外加床(價格另計)。


此房內沒有廁所, 共用廁所在樓下

價格是以8人計算 ( 整個房間的價格), 無論是2 人偶然6 人都是以8人價格計算。


​所有入住的人數將嚴格以所預訂的人數符合。 我們不容許超出讓所預訂的人數入住。



我們只接受100% 提前全額付款以保障您的住宿預訂. 所有付款皆不能退回。當我們收到您的全額付款以及確認后, 我們就馬上鎖定您的預訂日期跟房類, 間中其他要訂同日同房類的帥哥美女我們都通通殘酷的拒絕。如果到時您要換其它日期或取消, 損失的是我們呀!

取消: 無退款。
沒有出現: 無退款。

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