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SOP | 標凖作業程序

Covid 19 Pandemic has forced us to live under new normal. Below are the SOP that we apply during your stay.
新冠肺炎疫情已經讓我們得在新常態的生活下生存, 以下是您在住宿期間需遵守的標凖作業程序


In conjunction with the government MCO restrictions,we strictly apply precautions as below:

- All guests must complete 2 doses of Covid vaccination and arriving after 14days (Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Sinovac), 28 Days (Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and Cansino). We will check each guest's and only allowing those who are only obtaining My Sejahtera Apps showing Yellow certificate.
- All guests are COMPULSORY to perform body temperature screening upon checking in.
- Any guest's temperature exceeding 37.5 degree Celsius
- Any symptoms include fever, dry cough and nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat or diarrhea.
- Not more than 16 guests in total during the stay.

Any guests found from any of above criteria will be BLOCKED and unable to allow for entering the premise.
Keep distance at least 1.5 meter from each others. Always clean your hands. Wear mask.

Weekday ( Sunday - Thursday): We only accept full 8 pax rate for mixed dorm room.
Friday, Saturday, Public/ school Holiday Eve and public / school holiday: We only accept whole house slot


-所有住客必需完成2針疫苗及14天後 (Pfizer, AstraZeneca , Sinovac), 28 天后 (Johnson & Johnson (J&J) , Cansino) 才能入住。我們將會查詢並只容許 My Sejahtera 黃色證書擁有者入住。


一旦发现住客有任何以上症状, 我们将会马上拒绝给予入住,而且不能进入民宿任何范围。 我们将不会给予退款。


平常日期 ( 星期天-星期四): Dorm 房也只接受满8人预订而已
注:所有星期五,六, 公共/學校假期,假期前夕, 我們只接受整間民宿的預訂而已, 以避免病毒交叉感染。

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